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2024 on the horizon for SOAC ADV Park.

We're looking forward to 2024 and nurturing the growth of our ADV park. Plans include Open Ride Days each month, beginning in the spring, customized weekends to address skill development and fun for newer riders, and several other ideas we're cooking up in the riding kitchen.

We plan on expanding our focus in 2024 to embrace new riders and to develop our love of riding to include the young ones. Our vision not only includes riders of all levels enjoying our facility and working on their skills but also making SOAC ADV Park a destination for families to bring their kids or grandkids and give them a safe, fun environment to learn to ride and progress while allowing the whole family to enjoy their time together riding, camping and simply just being together.

Look for a riding and event update by mid to late January as we firm up our plans and dates.

To those of you who joined us during 2023 and enjoyed our facility, we want to sincerely thank you and hope that if you did indeed enjoy your time with us, you'll spread the word.

We wish you a wonderful Holiday season and Happy New Year!

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