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Annual Ride Pass

You've asked and we listened. We are now offering an annual pass to SOAC ADV Park. For $150 per person, you will have yearly access to the park. The only restriction is the possible special event that would preclude riding on that day.


You will be able to bring guests (we are going with the honor system for now... because we trust you), for $20 a day. Guest passes may be purchased online as well.


Please go to our website: and go to the "Plans and Pricing" section under the "Adventure Practice Park" tab.

Once you have read and acknowledged the policies and paid for your pass, we will contact you with the information let you gain access to the park. (Please allow up to 48 hours for us to provide the information... remember we're a two-man operation, each of whom has a full-time job!).


Thank you in advance for your purchase!


Tim & Alan

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