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Things they are a changing... but it's all good.

SOAC ADV Park Unleashes Exciting Changes: A Smaller Space with Bigger Thrills

[Bowman, SC] – SOAC ADV Park, a destination for offroad motorcycle enthusiasts located on the South Carolina Adventure Route, is thrilled to announce exciting transformations aimed at delivering an even more exhilarating experience for riders. While SOAC is downsizing its offroad motorcycle riding acreage from 120 acres to 60 acres, the facility is gearing up to amplify the excitement with the addition of innovative trails and ride features, a renewed focus on newer riders, and enhanced camping availability over the next few months.  This will be an ongoing process and while our previous ridership may question the downsizing, we promise that we are working on making the most of what will still be on offer.

In response to the changing dynamics, SOAC is investing in trail innovation to create an offroad experience within the revised acreage to maximize it. Upcoming new trails combined with existing trails and features will offer riders a diverse experience, promising to keep riders engaged and challenged.

While our footprint may be smaller, the excitement is set to skyrocket. We're not just downsizing; we will be evolving and enhancing every aspect of the park during the next year. Our renewed focus on newer riders, both youth and adults, is at the heart of our transformation. We're committed to making offroad motorcycling accessible and thrilling for riders of all ages 

SOAC is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of offroad enthusiasts, both seasoned riders and those just starting their offroad journey. To enhance camaraderie, SOAC will introduce revised camping availability, ensuring that riders can extend their stay and fully immerse themselves in the offroad experience.

What's more, SOAC will continue to host open ride days and introduce scheduled specialty weekends, catering to riders looking to build skills, enjoy friendly competition, and forge new connections within the offroad motorcycling community. These specialty weekends will be oriented towards trail riders, adventure motorcycle enthusiasts, and, of course, welcoming new riders into the fold.

Despite the reduction in acreage, SOAC assures riders and the community that the fun is set to be bigger, with a focus on inclusivity and skill-building opportunities. This commitment to innovation, community, and an unforgettable riding experience reflects SOAC's dedication to remaining a dynamic hub for off-road motorcycle enthusiasts. 

As SOAC gears up for these exciting changes, it invites riders, families, and offroad enthusiasts to join in the anticipation of a reimagined offroad adventure. Stay tuned for updates on the official unveiling and gear up for the enhanced trails and camaraderie.

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