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Upcoming Events

Outdoor Yoga Festival

Fri, Feb 7th & Sat, Feb 8th, 2020

Hi friends! Why not have some beer with that Yoga!

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Drew Dreiling, Agape Health Solutions

Drew Dreiling w/ Agape Health Solutions will be one of our featured guest speakers @ Southeast Outdoor Adventure Center on Saturday, February the 8th. This is a day packed full of mind, body and spiritual healing for a better you in "2020". Drew's testimony and life experience with his own health issues is both compelling and life changing. His practical advice and counseling is easy to follow especially in today's society. Book signing is available on site! I follow Drew, you should too! #843-324-1092 #SOAC #goatyoga #flowertowncharmyoga #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #agapehealthsolutions #massage #yoga #Drewdreiling

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Celeste & Nicci, Cardio Yoga Fusion

Tell me more! CARDIO YOGA FUSION! Celeste and Nicci will be sharing 30+ years of experience @ our Yoga Festival on February the 8th. Both gals instruct yoga classes @ Move with Celeste and the Orangeburg YMCA! This is your opportunity to trail a class that you have never experienced! $45 includes all experienced guest speakers, several different styles of yoga classes,fun, music and a swag bag♡Food is available for purchase! #Athleta #movewithceleste #SOAC #YMCA #Southheastoutdooradventurecenter #Active.com #Oliviavedad #massage #Taichi #Mg12 #monat

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Olivia Vedad, Massage Therapist

Introducing Massage Therapist Olivia Vedad who will be available for mini sessions @ our Yoga festival on Feb.the 8th. She is a world of knowledge w/ experience in several types of therapies, her office is centrally located and her hours are flexible! Call for a consult and let Olivia help manage your wellness w/ you in 2020! @843-377-7926. #SOAC #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #Athleta #Adventuresinmassagetherapy #yoga #yogafestival #flowertowncharmyoga #goatyoga #Islandcoastallager

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Deborah Manke, HNP Functional Medicine

Couldn't be happier to introduce one of my personal favorites! Come w/questions in hand and get ready to be informed and inspired. www.deborahmanke.com #SOAC #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #Yoga #Yogafestival #Deborahmanke

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Tom Strader of MG12

I was surprised and think you will be too! Our Yoga event will be hosting Tom Strader owner and distributor of Mg12 products. Tom will be available w/ product and for all questions re: the healing properties of these magnesium infused items! Also, remember to purchase your ticket via Active.com to receive your "Athleta" swag bag and free gifts!

#yoga #SOAC #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #Athleta #Mg12

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Abbey Benjamin, Life Coach

HOW DO YOU MAKE GOOD DECISIONS IN "2020" WHEN YOUR FEELING STUCK, CONFUSED AND FRUSTRATED? Life Coach Abbey Benjamin who was trained by world- renowned specialist Katherine Woodward Thomas will be present at the Yoga Festival and will help you create a bright and fulfilling future. Join us on February the 8th @ Southeast East Outdoor Adventure Center for a day of transformation...Bring your old friends or make new ones. Tickets available for $45.00 on Active.com
Price includes entry to all instructed yoga classes throughout the day, any and all speaking engagements and a yoga swag bag w/ goodies! See you there♡
#lifecoach #SOAC #goatyoga #flowertowncharmyoga #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #corepoweryoga #getwildkelsey #islandcoastallager

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Lisa Moskin Tonon, Monat

Reach out and Lisa will reach back w/ a personalized regiment for your hair that is a promised game changer! Lisa Moskin Tonon is a market partner w/ Monat which is an all natural based, anti-aging hair and skin company that has received numerous accolades for their products and continued community support. AND lookie here...they are a part of your Athleta swag bag goodies. Check our showering areas for a sneak peek of Monat products♡#lisatonon #Monat #Athleta #SOAC #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #flowertowncharmyoga #corepoweryoga #Deborahmanke

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Flowertown Charm, Goat Yoga

Welcome "Flowertown Charm" to our Yoga Event on February the 8th♡We are more than excited to be offering 2 Goat Yoga classes during our festival,instructed by owners Jenna and Chris of this urban farm located in Summerville, S. Carolina. The story of inception is as sweet as their first 2 Nigerian dwarf goats named Wisteria and Magnolia. The thriving "Flowertown Charm" now houses their extended family which consists of chickens, honey bee hives, barn cats, farm dogs, a tortoise named "Tank" and OF COURSE the goats! Can't wait for you to meet. http://flowertowncharm.eventbrite.com/ or Jenna@flowertowncharm.com #Yoga #yogafestival #SOAC #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #Athleta #goatyoga #flowertowncharmyoga

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Realty One Group Coastal and Children's Rescue Initiative

SOAC is excited to unveil yet another surprise happening @ our Yoga Event on February the 8th. We have so many wonderful non-profits but have decided on "Children's Rescue Initiative" because it brings awareness to a horrible issue that plagues our city, state and world. Let's do our part and help SOAC and Realty One Group Coastal to eliminate "Child sex trafficking". #realityonegroupcoastal #SOAC #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #childrensrescueinitiative #yoga #yogafestival

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

All Day Outdoor Experience

Hot Yoga, Goat Yoga, Rhythmic Yoga and Tai Chi with Master Wawa Chiou from Taiwan.

Athleta bag with complementary giveaways.

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020


Music to my ears♡Favorite thing @ Festivals is the music! Sooo fortunate to have a schooled guitarist present for our yoga enthusiast's @ the February 8th Yoga Festival. Tickets now available for $45 @ Active.com, search Yoga Festival, Bowman, S.C.# #Athleta #childrensrescueinitiative #corepoweryoga #SOAC #goatyoga #flowertowncharmyoga #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #massage #Taichi

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Kelsey Harrison, CorePower Yoga

Talented and loving is how I would describe Kelsey Harrison who is the studio Mgr. @ CorePower Yoga in Mt. Pleasant and owner of getwildkelsey.com where she creates retreats that combine hiking w/ yoga! Who would have thunk it, well she did and will be present and leading a "Hot Yoga" class in our Yurt! YAY Kelsey. #getwildkelsey #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #Athleta #SOAC #Yoga #CorePoweryoga #monat #yogafestival #Mg12

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

ATHLETA, Certified B Corp

SO excited to have ATHLETA present @ our Festival. ATHLETA'S brand is a premium fitness and lifestyle brand who's wonderful motto is a perfect pairing w/ our Event. "SHE is the root of power. So, more power to you." Be sure to grab your free Athleta swag bag and goodies @ event♡#Athleta #yogi #SOAC #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter #powerofshe #yoga #yogafestival

Yoga Festival Feb 8, 2020

Tai Chi Master Wawa Chiou Strader

Tai Chi Master Wawa Chiou Strader will be one of the speakers and instructors on hand @ our Yoga Event on february 8th. Please be sure to purchase your ticket on line @ Active.com in order to receive your swag bag from Athleta. #Athleta #yoga #SOAC #yogafestival #Southeastoutdooradventurecenter


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